Walking Tour in Oslo: Unveiling the City’s Hidden Gems

walking tours in Oslo - tour discoveries
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    The Royal Palace (Walking Tour In Oslo): A Majestic Start to Your Tour

    The Royal Palace (Det kongelige slott) in Oslo, the capital of Norway

    As you begin your walking tour in Oslo, there’s no better place to start than the iconic Royal Palace. Nestled at the top of Karl Johans gate, Oslo’s main street, this majestic residence serves as the official residence of the Norwegian monarch. Take a leisurely stroll through the palace gardens, adorned with beautiful statues and manicured lawns, and marvel at the grandeur of this architectural masterpiece. If you’re lucky, you might even witness the Changing of the Guard ceremony, a captivating spectacle that takes place daily.

    Akershus Fortress (Walking Tour In Oslo): Tracing Oslo’s Medieval Past

    Akershus Fortress, a medieval stronghold constructed in the 13th century, is a remarkable castle.

    Continue your walking tour in Oslo to the historic Akershus Fortress, a medieval castle that dates back to the 13th century. This imposing fortress offers panoramic views of Oslofjord and the surrounding cityscape. Explore its well-preserved ramparts, visit the medieval castle chapel, and delve into Norway’s military history at the onsite museum. Don’t forget to check the opening hours before your visit, as they may vary throughout the year.

    Vigeland Park (Walking Tour In Oslo): An Artistic Wonderland

    Oslo, Norway – August 18, 2016: Many tourist walk Vigeland Sculptures Park in the popular Vigeland park ( Frogner Park ), designed by Gustav Vigeland in Oslo, Norway

    A true gem of Oslo, Vigeland Park is a sprawling green oasis adorned with over 200 sculptures created by renowned artist Gustav Vigeland. Wander through the park’s avenues lined with intricate bronze and granite sculptures, depicting the human experience in all its forms. The centerpiece of the park is the iconic Monolith, a towering sculpture carved from a single block of granite. As you explore the park, take a moment to soak in the serene atmosphere and appreciate the sheer talent and artistry on display.

    Astrup Fearnley Museum (Walking Tour In Oslo): Contemporary Art at its Finest

    Modern buildings, Aker Brygge district, in Oslo, Norway

    Art enthusiasts will delight in a visit to the Astrup Fearnley Museum. This contemporary art museum showcases a remarkable collection of works by both Norwegian and international artists. From thought-provoking installations to innovative multimedia exhibits, the museum offers a captivating journey through the world of modern art. After immersing yourself in creativity, take a break at the museum café, where you can enjoy a refreshing cup of coffee and admire the panoramic views of Oslo’s harbor.

    The Oslo Opera House (Walking Tour In Oslo): A Modern Architectural Marvel

    walking tours in Oslo - tour discoveries
    Morning view on Oslo opera.

    No walking tour in Oslo would be complete without a visit to the iconic Oslo Opera House. This architectural masterpiece, designed to resemble a floating iceberg, has become a symbol of the city’s cultural renaissance. Take a leisurely stroll up the marble-clad roof, which doubles as a public plaza, offering panoramic views of the city and the Oslofjord. If you’re lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of a rehearsal or enjoy a world-class opera or ballet performance in one of the opera house’s stunning theaters.

    Aker Brygge (Walking Tour In Oslo): Waterfront Charm and Gastronomic Delights

    walking tours in Oslo - tour discoveries
    Oslo, Norway – People Walking Near Residential Multi-storey Houses In Aker Brygge District In Summer Evening. Famous And Popular Place.

    Head towards the vibrant waterfront district of Aker Brygge, where old maritime warehouses have been transformed into trendy restaurants, bars, and shops. Enjoy a leisurely stroll along the boardwalk, lined with stylish cafes and bustling eateries, and soak in the lively atmosphere. Indulge in delicious Norwegian cuisine or savor international flavors while overlooking the marina. Aker Brygge is also a popular spot for boat tours and ferry rides, providing a unique perspective of the city from the water.

    Holmenkollen Ski Jump (Walking Tour In Oslo): Witness Oslo’s Thrilling Sports Legacy

    walking tours in Oslo - tour discoveries
    New Holmenkollen ski jump in Oslo Norway

    For a taste of Oslo’s sporting heritage, venture to the Holmenkollen Ski Jump, a world-famous venue that has hosted numerous ski jumping competitions. Take a scenic hike through the surrounding forests, or hop on the subway for a quick ride to the top of the hill. From there, marvel at the impressive ski jump and enjoy panoramic views of Oslo and the surrounding landscapes. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even try the zipline that takes you down from the top of the ski jump tower, providing an adrenaline-pumping experience.

    Nobel Peace Center (Walking Tour In Oslo) : Inspiring Stories of Peace and Humanitarianism

    walking tours in Oslo - tour discoveries
    Panorama of Nobel Peace Center in Oslo. The Nobel Peace Center was opened in 2005 by His Majesty King Harald V of Norway.

    Dedicated to promoting peace and spreading awareness about Nobel laureates, the Nobel Peace Center is a must-visit attraction in Oslo. Immerse yourself in interactive exhibits, multimedia presentations, and thought-provoking displays that highlight the achievements of Nobel Peace Prize laureates throughout history. Gain insights into the challenges faced by individuals and organizations striving for peace worldwide. The center also hosts temporary exhibitions and thought-provoking events, providing a platform for open dialogue and fostering a culture of peace.

    Oslo Cathedral (Walking Tour In Oslo) : A Sacred Gem in the City Center

    walking tours in Oslo - tour discoveries
    Main church of Oslo, norwegian Cathedral in the downtown

    Located in the heart of Oslo, the Oslo Cathedral is a magnificent place of worship that has witnessed numerous royal ceremonies and national events. Step inside and admire the neo-Gothic architecture, exquisite stained glass windows, and ornate decorations that adorn this sacred space. Take a moment to appreciate the tranquility and serenity within the cathedral, offering a peaceful respite from the bustling city outside. The cathedral also hosts regular concerts and organ recitals, allowing visitors to experience the beauty of its acoustics.

    Munch Museum (walking tour In Oslo): Delve into the Artistic World of Edvard Munch

    walking tours in Oslo - tour discoveries
    Oslo, Norway – The new Munch Museum seen from the fjord

    Art lovers and enthusiasts of expressionism cannot miss the opportunity to visit the Munch Museum. Dedicated to the life and works of the renowned Norwegian artist Edvard Munch, this museum houses the largest collection of his paintings, drawings, and sculptures in the world. Immerse yourself in Munch’s emotive art, including his most famous painting, “The Scream.” Gain a deeper understanding of Munch’s artistic evolution and explore the themes of love, death, and existential angst that permeate his works. The museum also hosts temporary exhibitions that showcase the works of other prominent artists, providing a well-rounded artistic experience.

    Exploring Estonia: A Captivating Journey through Northern Europe

    Hidden Gem : Damstredet and Telthusbakken

    Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and discover the charming hidden streets of Damstredet and Telthusbakken. These well-preserved neighborhoods offer a glimpse into Oslo’s past with their colorful wooden houses and cobblestone streets. Take a leisurely stroll through the winding alleys, enjoy the tranquility, and marvel at the picturesque architecture. These hidden gems provide a perfect setting for capturing memorable photos or simply immersing yourself in the peaceful ambiance. Opening hours: The streets are open to the public at all times.

    Additional Info

    • Accessibility: The streets have cobblestone surfaces, which may be challenging for individuals with mobility issues.
    • Safety precautions: Watch your step on the cobblestone streets to avoid tripping or slipping.
    • Nearby accommodations: There are several hotels and guesthouses in the vicinity, such as Thon Hotel Panorama, Thon Hotel Munch, and Saga Poshtel Oslo Central.
    • Transportation options: The streets are within walking distance from the city center. You can also take a tram or bus to reach the area. Recommended itinerary: Start your walk from the city center and make your way to Damstredet. Explore the colorful wooden houses and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. Continue to Telthusbakken, another picturesque street, and admire the charming architecture. End your walk by heading back to the city center or exploring nearby attractions, such as the Oslo Cathedral or Akershus Fortress.

    To obtain further details, I kindly suggest visiting the source directly for a more in-depth analysis. Damstredet and Telthusbakken

    Hidden Gem Ekebergparken Sculpture Park

    Located just a short distance from the city center, Ekebergparken Sculpture Park combines art, nature, and breathtaking views. This expansive park is home to an impressive collection of sculptures by renowned artists such as Salvador Dalí, Auguste Rodin, and Damien Hirst. As you wander through the park’s scenic trails, you’ll encounter a diverse array of sculptures set against the backdrop of lush greenery and panoramic vistas of Oslo. Don’t forget to bring a picnic and enjoy a relaxing break amidst the beauty of nature and art.

    Additional Info

    • Accessibility: The park has well-maintained walking trails, but some areas may have slight inclines. There are also accessible paths for individuals with mobility challenges.
    • Opening hours: The park is open daily from morning until late evening. The opening hours may vary slightly depending on the season.
    • Safety precautions: Stay on designated paths and be cautious when walking on uneven terrain.
    • Nearby accommodations: Some nearby hotels include Scandic Edderkoppen, Thon Hotel Opera, and Thon Hotel Spectrum.
    • Transportation options: You can take a bus or tram to reach Ekebergparken. Alternatively, it is a pleasant walk from the city center, taking approximately 20-30 minutes.
    • Recommended itinerary: Start by exploring the sculptures in the lower part of the park, near the entrance. Follow the trails as you ascend through the park, taking in the panoramic views of Oslo along the way. Don’t miss iconic sculptures like “She Lies” and “The Wheel.” Take a break at one of the park’s picnic areas to enjoy the serene surroundings.

    To obtain further details, I kindly suggest visiting the source directly for a more in-depth analysis. Ekebergparken Sculpture Park

    Hidden Gem The Viking Ship Museum

    Take a journey back in time to the era of the Vikings at the Viking Ship Museum. Located on the Bygdøy Peninsula, this museum houses the world’s best-preserved Viking ships, including the iconic Oseberg and Gokstad ships. Marvel at the intricate craftsmanship and learn about the Viking’s seafaring prowess and their fascinating burial rituals. The museum also displays a wealth of artifacts recovered from Viking tombs, providing insight into their culture and way of life. Enhance your visit by exploring the museum’s interactive exhibits and watching informative documentaries about the Viking Age.

    Additional Info

    • Accessibility: The museum has wheelchair-accessible entrances, elevators, and restrooms. Some areas of the museum have ramps, but there may be a few steps in certain sections.
    • Opening hours: The museum is open daily from morning to late afternoon. It may have extended hours during the summer season.
    • Safety precautions: Follow the museum’s guidelines and avoid touching the exhibits.
    • Nearby accommodations: Some nearby hotels include Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Frogner House Apartments – Bygdøy Allé 53, and Hotel Continental Oslo.
    • Transportation options: You can reach the museum by taking a bus or ferry to Bygdøy. There is also a parking area for those traveling by car.
    • Recommended itinerary: Begin by exploring the Viking ships and the accompanying exhibits. Learn about the Viking era and their seafaring culture. Afterward, visit the other museums on the Bygdøy Peninsula, such as the Kon-Tiki Museum and the Fram Museum, to delve deeper into Norwegian maritime history.

    To obtain further details, I kindly suggest visiting the source directly for a more in-depth analysis.

    The Viking Ship Museum

    Hidden Gem Mathallen Oslo

    For food lovers, a visit to Mathallen Oslo is a must. This bustling food hall offers a cornucopia of culinary delights, showcasing the best of Norwegian and international cuisine. Stroll through the market-style stalls and indulge in a variety of gourmet treats, from artisanal cheeses and freshly baked bread to mouthwatering seafood and decadent chocolates. Savor the flavors of Norway and beyond, and don’t forget to pair your food discoveries with a glass of local craft beer or a fine selection of wines. Mathallen Oslo is the perfect place to satisfy your cravings and experience the vibrant food scene of Oslo.

    Additional Info

    • Safety precautions: Be mindful of your belongings in crowded areas and follow any specific guidelines provided by the market hall.
    • Opening hours: The market hall’s opening hours vary, but it is generally open from morning until evening. Different stalls could have various hours of operation. Accessibility: The market hall is wheelchair accessible, with elevators and ramps.
    • Nearby accommodations: Some nearby hotels include Scandic Vulkan, Anker Hotel, and Scandic St. Olavs Plass.
    • Transportation options: Mathallen Oslo is located in the Vulkan area, which is easily accessible by public transportation. You can take a tram or bus to the nearest stop, or it’s within walking distance from the city center.
    • Recommended itinerary: Arrive at Mathallen Oslo and take your time to explore the various stalls and food vendors offering a wide range of local and international delicacies. Indulge in delicious food, sample Norwegian specialties, and perhaps pick up some unique ingredients or souvenirs. You can also find several restaurants and cafes within Mathallen Oslo if you prefer a sit-down dining experience. After enjoying your culinary adventure, take a stroll around the vibrant Vulkan area and explore the nearby attractions, such as the Vulkan Arena or the Mathallen Rooftop Garden

    To obtain further details, I kindly suggest visiting the source directly for a more in-depth analysis.

    Mathallen Oslo

    Hidden Gem The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design

    Discover the art, architecture, and design treasures of Norway at the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design. This extensive museum houses a vast collection of Norwegian art spanning several centuries, including works by celebrated artists such as Johan Christian Dahl and Harald Sohlberg. Immerse yourself in the world of Norwegian art as you explore the museum’s diverse exhibits, which also include contemporary art, design objects, and architectural models. The museum’s location in the city center makes it easily accessible, and its well-curated displays offer a comprehensive overview of Norway’s artistic heritage.

    Additional Info

    • Opening hours: The National Museum has varying opening hours depending on the day of the week. It is typically open from Tuesday to Sunday, with extended evening hours on Thursdays. It is recommended to check the museum’s official website for the most up-to-date information on opening hours.
    • Accessibility: The National Museum is wheelchair accessible, with ramps and elevators available throughout the building. It offers accessible restrooms and designated parking spaces for visitors with disabilities. Additionally, the museum provides tactile aids and audio guides for visitors with visual impairments.
    • Safety precautions: The museum follows safety guidelines and regulations to ensure the well-being of its visitors. This may include measures such as crowd management, mandatory use of face masks, hand sanitizing stations, and social distancing protocols. It’s advisable to check the museum’s website or contact them directly for any specific safety guidelines before your visit.
    • Nearby accommodations: Since the National Museum is located in the city center, there are numerous accommodation options available within walking distance or a short commute. Oslo offers a wide range of hotels, hostels, and serviced apartments catering to various budgets and preferences.
    • Recommended itinerary: Begin your visit to the National Museum by exploring the diverse collection of Norwegian art, including works by renowned artists such as Edvard Munch and Harald Sohlberg. Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Norway as you wander through the galleries. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the museum’s architecture and design exhibits, showcasing a mix of historical and contemporary design objects. Afterward, take a stroll through the nearby Palace Park or enjoy a meal at one of the charming cafes or restaurants in the vicinity.

    To obtain further details, I kindly suggest visiting the source directly for a more in-depth analysis.

    The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design

    Hidden Gem Bygdøy Peninsula

    Escape the city and explore the natural beauty of the Bygdøy Peninsula. This picturesque peninsula is home to several of Oslo’s most popular museums and attractions, including the Viking Ship Museum, the Fram Museum, and the Kon-Tiki Museum. Take a leisurely walk along the coastal paths, breathe in the fresh sea air, and enjoy the stunning views of the Oslofjord.

    If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even rent a bike and cycle through the scenic trails that wind their way through lush forests and past idyllic beaches. Bygdøy Peninsula offers a perfect blend of culture and nature, providing a refreshing retreat from the urban landscape. Accessibility: Bygdøy Peninsula is accessible by public transportation, with regular bus and ferry services connecting it to the city center. The peninsula’s museums and attractions are within walking distance of each other, making it easy to explore on foot. The walking trails and bike paths are well-maintained and suitable for visitors of various fitness levels.

    Additional Info

    • Safety precautions: While Bygdøy Peninsula is generally a safe area, it’s always advisable to take standard safety precautions such as staying on designated paths, carrying necessary supplies, and being aware of your surroundings. Some areas may have uneven terrain, so sturdy footwear is recommended, especially if you plan to hike or bike.
    • Nearby accommodations: As Bygdøy Peninsula is a popular tourist destination, there are limited accommodation options within the immediate vicinity. However, there are numerous hotels and accommodations available in the city center of Oslo. Which is just a short distance away. You can choose to stay in the city center and commute to Bygdøy Peninsula for a day trip.
    • Recommended itinerary: Start your exploration of Bygdøy Peninsula by visiting the Viking Ship Museum to discover the well-preserved Viking ships and artifacts. From there, continue to the nearby Fram Museum to learn about polar exploration and the history of Norwegian polar expeditions. Afterward, make your way to the Kon-Tiki Museum to delve into the adventures of Thor Heyerdahl and his famous expeditions. Take breaks along the coastal paths to enjoy scenic views of the Oslofjord, and consider packing a picnic to savor amidst the beautiful surroundings. End your day with a relaxing stroll along the beaches. A visit to one of the charming seaside cafes in the area.

    To obtain further details, I kindly suggest visiting the source directly for a more in-depth analysis.

    Bygdøy Peninsula

    FAQs about Walking Tours in Oslo

    What is the best time to take a walking tour in Oslo?

    The best time to take a walking tour in Oslo is during the summer months, from June to August. When the weather is pleasant and the days are long. However, Oslo’s natural beauty can be enjoyed year-round, and each season offers a unique charm.

    How long does a typical walking tour in Oslo last?

    The duration of a walking tour in Oslo can vary depending on the specific itinerary and the pace of the participants. On average, a walking tour can last anywhere from 2 to 4 hours. It’s always a good idea to check with the tour operator for precise details regarding the duration of the tour.

    Are walking tours in Oslo suitable for all fitness levels?

    Yes, walking tours in Oslo can be tailored to accommodate different fitness levels. While some tours may involve longer distances and uphill climbs, there are also shorter and more leisurely options available. It’s recommended to choose a tour that matches your fitness level and consult with the tour operator if you have any concerns.

    Are there any safety precautions to keep in mind during a walking tour in Oslo?

    Oslo is generally a safe city to explore on foot, but it’s always wise to take basic safety precautions. Be aware of your surroundings, stick to well-lit and populated areas, and keep your belongings secure. It’s also essential to dress appropriately for the weather and wear comfortable walking shoes.

    What are some recommended itineraries for a walking tour in Oslo?

    There are several recommended itineraries for a walking tour in Oslo, depending on your interests and the time available. Some popular routes include exploring the city center, visiting the museums on the Bygdøy Peninsula, and discovering the hidden gems of Grünerløkka and Gamlebyen (Old Town). It’s best to plan your itinerary in advance or join a guided walking tour to make the most of your time in Oslo.

    Are there any guided walking tours available in Oslo?

    Yes, there are numerous guided walking tours available in Oslo, led by knowledgeable and experienced guides. These tours provide insights into the city’s history, culture, and hidden gems, allowing you to make the most of your visit. Guided tours can be booked in advance or joined on-site, depending on your preference.


    A walking tour in Oslo is an immersive and enriching way to experience the beauty and charm of Norway’s capital city. From exploring historic landmarks and world-class museums to discovering hidden gems and soaking in the natural splendor. Oslo offers a myriad of delights for every visitor. Whether you choose to embark on a guided tour or explore independently. You’ll find yourself captivated by the city’s captivating blend of tradition and modernity. So lace up your walking shoes, embrace the spirit of adventure, and let Oslo’s vibrant streets and hidden corners unfold before you on an unforgettable walking tour.


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